As a socially conscious woman, I’ve always grappled with balancing the need to do the internal healing work whilst wanting to also change the social structures (in particular patriarchy, inequality and marginalization) that wound us and our fellow humans in such deep ways.   To me, doing the work […]

How healing the feminine can change the world

“Go inwards, find your inner space; and suddenly you will find an explosion of light of beauty and ecstasy” – Osho This is a beautiful meditation practice to do daily, but especially when you are feeling uncomfortable feelings and are noticing yourself fighting, squashing, numbing or avoiding them. So many […]

Guided meditation for difficult feelings

Women, more than ever before, are feeling the effects of living, breathing and working in a man’s world.   Like canaries in a coalmine, our bodies are sending distress signals – from PMS, PND, PCOS to amenorrhea, infertility, skin issues, adrenal fatigue and autoimmune conditions.   To what extend is […]

Fighting adrenal fatigue, the feminine way

Here’s a draft chapter from my new book….   Sometimes, however, understanding where we are in our inner cycle – and therefore how to interpret the signals our bodies are sending us – can be a little trickier.   It is often the case that we find ourselves one step […]

The times in between… navigating transitions with grace

One of the biggest barriers to truly looking after ourselves – and thereby preventing burnout – is guilt.   The breath-shortening, stomach-dropping sensation in our bodies – and the associated taunts and stories that flood our minds – the voice that speaks to our laziness, our lack of productivity or […]

Why self care makes us guilty

I have this habit of creating elaborate catastrophes in order to get to the things that I desire most. Trust, it seems, is still a work in progress for me (and my compass word for 2018). Last week, I wrote a long post about what 2018 was going to look […]

My best biz advice (that also applies to life)

I’m sitting here in my local cafe – which is eerily quiet as everyone rushes about planning Christmas. I’ve stolen away from busy-ness to reflect on and celebrate all that 2017 has been in my business and to share with you my plans for 2018 so that together, we can […]

What’s coming in 2018…

I work with purpose-driven women. She is the healer, the humanitarian, the carer, the nurse, the teacher, the community worker, the childcare worker, the mama, the activist, the lawyer or the volunteer. And she is suffering. The term ‘burnout’ was coined at first in relation to professionals working in the […]

Why the social sectors need feminine wisdom now more than ...

In this week’s podcast episode, I chat with my friend – budding Naturopath, Project Manager and Nutrition and Wellbeing Educator Tamsin Casey on how to live a values based life. We chat about: reality versus fantasy and how to find meaning in challenge how to find your values how to […]

[Podcast] Episode 009 – Living a Values Based Life with ...

I have this lens. It is me, but it is detached from me. She is the watcher that is constantly analysing, evaluating and commenting on how I do in any given situation. ‘Inner critic’ implies a voice. And yes, she has a voice. But she is more than a voice. […]

Are we searching for wellness, or wholeness?

I preach, above all else, compassion. Gentleness with self is the much-needed salve to heal our deep hurts. When we try and hate ourselves into changing, we only create more of the same. When our bodies are in the red zone – in fight or flight as created by our […]

Self compassion or self suppression?

Through all the challenges in my life – and in all my attempts to deal with challenge, there has been but one thing that has soothed me above all else. Despite the thousands of dollars spent on retreats and workshops and yoga and therapy and massage. Despite the many books […]

How anxiety leads to burnout

When I first started reading Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ outstanding book Women Who Run with the Wolves I was but two pages in before I read a word that made my stomach drop and my heart stop for a minute. Women, she said, have become domesticated. The word is purposeful, and biting. A conscious […]

The urge within

Anxiety and me have been mates for years. Over those years, I’ve developed a killer and personalised toolkit for managing and understanding my anxiety better. In this video, I share four tips that you can use TODAY to bring your body back to equilibrium and create space in your mind. […]

How to understand what your anxiety is telling you

Since I began cycle syncing my work schedule, I’ve noticed a whole bunch of benefits. The way I now work is to coach every second week and spend the alternate week writing/marketing/workshop planning or resting. I sync these non-coaching weeks with my period (when I need to rest for a […]

Please don’t get a f*cking massage this week