When I began searching for her (and by her, I mean me… but the real me), I had no idea where it would take me. I was answering a deep, primal call within to go beyond the physical ailments. Beyond the suffering and symptoms. To the heart… to the core.. […]

In Search of Her Part 1 – Moving to the ...

As 2016 draws to a close I’ve been reflecting on what this year has offered me and how I plan to take those lessons forward in the new year. 2016, for me, was all about learning to love the shadow. Learning to know, embrace and accept the parts of me […]

The Mindfulness Myth

Every so often you come across people who just resonate a certain quality – they almost vibrate love. Melissa Farrugia is one of those souls and I’m so excited to share this podcast episode with you so you, too, can appreciate  her deep wisdom. Melissa is a Shamanic Kinesiologist from […]

[Podcast] Episode 7 – On The Feminine with Melissa Farrugia

Today I interviewed the wondrous Kristy Arbon – Founder of Heartworks Training, scholar of all things mindfulness, self compassion, shame resilience and teacher/teacher trainer on Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) through the Center for Mindful Self Compassion. We chat about the power that self compassion in quietening the inner critic and enhancing wellbeing, […]

[Podcast] Episode 6 – On Self Compassion with Kristy Arbon

I never really had a conscious intention to do this work – to teach and learn from women striving to live healthy, fulfilled lives. From the 20 something who valued collecting university degrees and travel experiences beyond anything else… from the girl who argued vehemently in the validity of scientific studies… […]

The accidental personal development junkie…

On the weekend I had a profoundly moving conversation with one of my very close friends, who also happens to be a coaching client. It was one of those pristine moments of connection wherein we were both able to be completely vulnerable and trusting. Open and loving. Where we were […]

On perfectionism…

I’ve always been fascinated by truly jaw-dropping wellbeing experiences. Those perfect orchestrations of soul-enveloping loveliness that leave you feeling relaxed, complete, whole, at peace. You leave these experiences humming from the inside out – your nervous system rejuvenated, your mind clear and your physical body at ease. I love creating […]

How change can happen in an instant

Warning – sleep deprived stream of consciousness ahead… When I got sick and burnt out a few years back, I went looking for answers. I concentrated in earnest on the physical body – which helped enormously in the short term. I was able to manage or improve my symptoms and […]

Motherhood – the greatest mindfulness test ever…

“We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love.” ~Lori Deschene I remember the day clearly. It was the beginning of winter in Melbourne, Australia, and the air was cool and dewy in the mornings. I was running late. Underslept and hungover, I had dragged myself out […]

Why true wellbeing has to start with self love

Combine being 8 months pregnant with moving house and financial uncertainty and you have one crazy, waddling, hormonal mess! Now as I emerge from the cloud that has seen me get back into bed with some behaviours I thought I had long said goodbye to, I wanted to share with […]

What to do when you eat the whole cake

Hey there inspired one! How is your 2016 shaping up? Hoping that it’s been full of awesomeness so far. As the due date of our first baby approaches, I’ve been busy attempting to balance my deep desire for self care and reflection with the realities of moving house to the […]

What if taking one inspired action could change everything?

Creativity has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m currently listening to Liz Gilbert’s stunning new book – Big Magic, which is kind of a weird coincidence since re-engaging my creative side – in both my personal and business life is an intention I’ve been incubating for a while […]

What creativity has to do with wellbeing

Articulating exactly what is creating the gnawing, biting, empty feeling within us can be tough. I know that I spent a good chunk of my life filling that feeling with external things, cowering away from it, numbing it, refusing to acknowledge its existence, before I had the courage to turn […]

There’s got to be more than this…

This is likely my last post for 2015 … so I wanted to give you something to inspire your most energized, expansive and confident year yet in 2016. This time of year is a beautiful time to set goals and intentions for the coming year. The problem is that many new […]

Your free 2016 Roadmap Planner

First it was my digestion, so I got a naturopath, changed my diet, started dry brushing and cut sugar, grains and all other manner of delicious things from my diet. Then it was my energy levels. So I got acupuncture, quit my job, took more supplements and started ditching toxins […]

How to take your wellbeing journey to the next level ...