Anxiety and me have been mates for years. Over those years, I’ve developed a killer and personalised toolkit for managing and understanding my anxiety better. In this video, I share four tips that you can use TODAY to bring your body back to equilibrium and create space in your mind. […]

How to understand what your anxiety is telling you

As another week draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on what it truly means to retreat. I’ve just wrapped up a group program launch, and have also finished two other consulting jobs. The space that remains is welcome, but uncomfortable as well. As if I’m adjusting to a […]

How to run your own self care retreat

Many people much wiser than I have hypothesised that the quality of our life is defined by the quality of the questions we ask therein. I would go even further and propose that words in themselves – how we employ them in their singular form and how we put them […]

The three words that help me manage my anxiety

Our bodies are sending us signals – by way of symptoms, feelings, cravings and reactions – all the time. As part of the mindfulness coaching work I do with my clients, I teach them how to first listen to and then interpret these signs so that they can bypass the suffering […]

5 Things Your Fatigue Is Telling You

Combine being 8 months pregnant with moving house and financial uncertainty and you have one crazy, waddling, hormonal mess! Now as I emerge from the cloud that has seen me get back into bed with some behaviours I thought I had long said goodbye to, I wanted to share with […]

What to do when you eat the whole cake

To celebrate the release of my new Program – Slow Down to Spark Up – I’ve created this cute little infographic which shows the steps that can help in getting you from overwhelmed, anxious and stress to calm, confident and energized. Why am I so passionate about working with the multi-tasking, overthinking, […]

Slow Down to Spark Up

I’ve asked my friend Susie Garden – nutritional medicine student, plant-based eating extraordinaire and fellow yoga teacher – from Head This Way to share her favourite winter recipe as part of my #fitfoodfortnight! Susie has provided a stellar recipe – showcasing one of my favourite healthy cuisines. I hope you […]

[Recipe] Yummy Mexican Burrito Bowl

Welcome to Day 2 of #fitfoodfortnight! I’m sharing a Chapter from my E-book entitled ‘Eat’. It tries to simplify nutrition so you can start to explore what exactly what your body needs NOW. Information and education is power when it comes to food. I believe we need to stop waging […]

Healthy eating demystified – how to move beyond calorie counting

Poorly defined or overly ambitious goals are the number one reason why many of my health coaching clients have not succeeded at making long-term behaviour changes in the past. Over time, poor goal setting can whittle away our confidence, lead to procrastination, self sabotage and ultimately inaction. I often hear […]

The reason for your lack of ‘willpower’

I talk often about how introducing fermented foods into my diet was a real game changer in both the management of my autoimmune symptoms and the healing of my gut. Due to the damage I inflicted over several decades – from toxins, wheat, antibiotics and over the counter pain killers, […]

[Recipe] Easy as probiotic sauerkraut

In my experience, there are two categories of people. Those of us who are fighting to overcome adrenal fatigue. And those of us who are on the cusp of falling ill to it. It has all the hallmarks of a modern day lifestyle epidemic – doctors and naturopaths disagreeing on […]

Yoga for Adrenal Fatigue

Often we feel as if wellbeing requires monumental shifts in our daily habits. We envisage 6am workouts, detox diets, thousands of dollars worth of supplements and food, or colonics. We imagine that we must make great sacrifices to feel happy and healthy. The only monumental change that needs to be […]

10 health hacks for more energy now

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