Beyond Being Well Podcast – Wellness and Inspiration for Women Who Care

In this week’s podcast episode, I chat with my friend – budding Naturopath, Project Manager and Nutrition and Wellbeing Educator Tamsin Casey on how to live a values based life. We chat about: reality versus fantasy and how to find meaning in challenge how to find your values how to […]

[Podcast] Episode 009 – Living a Values Based Life with ...

This episode Dave and I share how we ditched our 9-5 jobs and debunk the top five myths out there about leaving the rat race. We cover the importance of relationships, how to foster self trust and confidence, the benefits of slow living, how to reduce ‘convenience’ expenditure and how […]

[Podcast] Episode 008 – How to Ditch the 9-5

I often google meditations according to how I feel on any given day. Today, feeling stuck in busy-land, I googled ‘Meditation for Prioritisation’ and found… zilch! So, here is the meditation that I wish I had have found, especially as it relates to my blog post ‘Why You Don’t Need […]

Meditation for Prioritisation

Every so often you come across people who just resonate a certain quality – they almost vibrate love. Melissa Farrugia is one of those souls and I’m so excited to share this podcast episode with you so you, too, can appreciate  her deep wisdom. Melissa is a Shamanic Kinesiologist from […]

[Podcast] Episode 7 – On The Feminine with Melissa Farrugia

Today I interviewed the wondrous Kristy Arbon – Founder of Heartworks Training, scholar of all things mindfulness, self compassion, shame resilience and teacher/teacher trainer on Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) through the Center for Mindful Self Compassion. We chat about the power that self compassion in quietening the inner critic and enhancing wellbeing, […]

[Podcast] Episode 6 – On Self Compassion with Kristy Arbon

Today’s episode is the first of a series of podcast episodes focusing on self love and self compassion. More specifically, how can we love ourselves more? If you read any kind of wellness or wellbeing advice these days, it’s laden with people telling us to ‘be more kind to ourselves’ […]

[Podcast] Episode 5 – On self love

This week on the podcast I interview the Wholehearted Cook – Dani Venn. Dani and I met over ten years ago and I’m super excited to have reconnected with her. In this podcast, we chat about: how to fall in love with food simple tips for getting organised in the […]

[Podcast] Episode 4 – Dani Venn on wholehearted food

I am so excited to share my chat with Nicole Bijlsma from Building Biology. Nicole is the author of the bestseller Healthy Home, Healthy Family and has been featured on every major television network in Australia. She is regularly consulted by the media to comment on health hazards associated with our […]

[Podcast] Episode 3 – Nicole Bijlsma on detoxing your home

It’s no secret that I am a huge advocate of meditation – specifically mindfulness meditation – for the prevention and treatment of anxiety, dis-ease and depression. More than just act as a way of restoring functionality, mindfulness meditation – a combination of deep breathing and focused concentration – can transform […]

[Podcast] Episode 2: Your free guided mindfulness meditation