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Woman On Purpose

5 week online women’s circle 
Tuesdays at 7:30pm AET
August 28 – September 25

What is my life purpose? How do I align my career with my purpose? How do I find work/life balance without always feeling depleted? How to I transition careers toward something more fulfilling? How do I let go of other’s expectations and work toward what I really want?

Explore the answers to these questions in circle during this sacred five week journey.

As women we have teen taught to understand our purpose and career from a male perspective. This circle will debunk the four masculine myths of purpose and vocation and provide four principles of feminine leadership that you can apply to your life. The result?  More purpose in your work and life, less overwhelm and greater alignment with your genius, soul’s gifts and personal passions.

Together, we’ll discuss:

– the difference between purpose and career
– how to start to find your purpose and passion
– how to align what you spend your time on with your purpose
– how to overcome time scarcity and prioritise like a queen
– your zone of genius and your legacy
– how to overcome fear and start doing sh*t
– how to set boundaries and say no to things that don’t serve you
– how to understand your body’s signals in order to follow your soul’s calling
– feminine leadership and how to apply it in your life, parenting and work

This will be a beautiful sacred space for you to explore these questions safely – with tangible actions for you to take home and try each week. Together we’ll be re-patterning old programming, shedding shame around not doing enough, preparing to be seen by the world and fostering courage to live a more purposeful life.

Ideal for women feeling unfulfilled at work, held back by fear in business, overwhelmed searching for work/life balance or in the midst of career transition.

All calls will take place via zoom (free video software) and will last around 2 hours. Places strictly limited and places are non-refundable. By committing to the journey you are agreeing to show up on each of the calls ready to support your own growth and witness the growth of others.

AUD 175 for the five weeks includes five online circles, pre-reading, a private Facebook group to connect and share and weekly emails.

Secure your place by using the Paypal link below


The Nourished Mama: A Day Retreat

7 October 2018 at St Claire Country House, Trentham, VIC
(an hour North of Melbourne)


Are you a pregnant mum wanting to ensure you’re prepared for what’s about to come?

Do you want to access to holistic support for pregnancy, birth and beyond that takes into account the needs of  you, your baby and your family?

Do you crave meaningful, non-judgemental connection with like minded mamas?

Do you want to feel empowered to trust your instincts and make decisions that align with your values, lifestyle and health goals?


The Nourished Mama is the premier prenatal event for mums seeking a non-jugemental, empowered, holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

Imagine feeling supported as you navigate the transition to motherhood and your baby’s entry into the world. The Nourished Mama will give you access to leading experts on perinatal and postnatal health as well as empowered birth so that you have all the knowledge and tools you need to look after yourself and your baby.

How would it feel to be empowered to make decisions about your birth and beyond based on an intimate, authentic knowledge of yourself, your family and your values? The Nourished Mama will cut through the overwhelm and connect you with the number one expert on your body and baby – yourself.

Picture feeling connected not only to your own body, her wisdom, and your baby – but to a tribe of like-minded local mamas who share your vision for a healthy, inspired transition into motherhood. How would it feel to speak deeply and intimately with women who share your fears, can celebrate your milestones and be there for you leading up to the birth and beyond?

Imagine knowing, without a doubt, that you are prepared – possessing a whole range of tools and tonics to keep you holistically healthy long after the birth of the baby and knowing exactly where to get the right support based on your unique needs. How would it feel to know that you have the confidence, support and knowledge to navigate whatever is coming your way? This event offers support that is complimentary to that provided by GPs and hospitals – so that you have a team of supporters ready and able to assist.

The Nourished Mama is a magical space offering non-judgement, deep connection, delicious treats, feminine movement and deep wisdom for mums to be.

At this event you’ll explore:

  • your personal and family values – setting an intention for your transition to motherhood to help you cut the overwhelm and focus on what matters most
  • essential oils for pregnancy, birth and babies
  • Ayurvedic nutritional support for pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • hypnobirthing and empowered birth
  • how to cultivate a loving tribe to support you and your family
  • healthy movement for labour and birth
  • postpartum pelvic care
  • mindfulness and relaxation tips for busy mums

You’ll leave the day feeling connected, empowered, supported and confident in caring for yourself AND your baby.


The venue

St Claire country house is a French colonial inspired farm in Central Victoria’s spa country. The stunning buildings comprising a cosy lounge and salon complete with fire place are complemented by the lush and extensive gardens – the perfect getaway from the city to immerse yourself and have dedicated time to reflecting on you, you family and your baby’s needs. Trentham East is just over an hour from Melbourne, and just 20 minutes from Daylesford’s plentiful spas and accommodation. The town of Trentham has its own boutique stores and nature attractions including the spectacular Trentham falls.

The food

A picnic lunch will be provided with grazing offered throughout the day to keep any blood sugar issues at bay! The focus will be on fresh, healthy, pregnant-friendly foods including nuts, salads, sandwhiches, fruits and hard cheeses (with some tasty sweet treats too). Herbal teas and coffee will be available all day long.

Why is this event different?


When we buy all the stuff our culture tells us that we need to have a happy, healthy baby or be a good mum we feel instant relief. The nesting instinct to accumulate things is strong. Of course! it’s exciting – buying cute onesies and baby gadgets lure us into thinking we will be better mums. We expect these things to make us feel prepared, make us feel better, make our babies like us more and it’s toxic.

We want to feel prepared and to quell the growing sense of anxiety about what is to come. But when we meet our fear with stuff, the initial satisfaction can fade. The 2k cot doesn’t actually make our babies sleep better at night. We realise our baby doesn’t “need” a fancy pram. They don’t give a shit. They hate the pram.

We focus so much on what we “need” for a baby that we forget what we actually need – for ourselves and for our family long term. The emotional, physical and spiritual costs of becoming a mother can be huge – and the gifts that await us when we support ourselves through this transition are great. We are responsible for our own connection, for our own wellness. When we invest in ourselves in this way, not only do provide a healthy outlet for our fears and anxieties, we place ourselves in the best possible position to meet our new baby and navigate the challenges that await.

We need skills to cope with unrelenting crying night after night. We need actual practical advice from those mamas who have been there before. We need to know we’re doing a good job and we need to know where to turn when the books don’t have the answers. We need people we can reach out to who won’t judge or dictate – particularly if our own family or origin has left us with “stuff”. We need to plan for what self-care with a baby looks like before burning out. We need to know how to navigate our changing relationships. And most of all, we need a solid set of tools to get to know ourselves and our deepest values – to avoid the overwhelm that can come about when we’re at home all alone with a needy infant.

The Nourished Mama has been created to help foster a greater sense of empowerment, confidence and support among mums – because we know first hand the difference the right tools, tribe and tonics can make in this monumental transition because we’ve been through it and come out the other side!


Early Bird: $80 per person (before 7 September)

Full Fee: $95 per person

Includes all meals, workshops and a goody bag.



The experts

Dr Erin Bowe: Erin is a clinical & perinatal psychologist, hypnobirthing Australia practitioner, and wellness mentor based in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria. She is a Mum to two happy little hypnobubs and in between being chronically sleep deprived, she shuffles her work time between counselling, birth trauma debriefing, and teaching Hypnobirthing Australia classes.

Meg Berryman: Meg is a women’s empowerment coach, fertility, pre and postnatal yoga teacher and public health professional based in Castlemaine, Victoria. She is a mum to a 2.5 year old pixie named Millie (with one on the way) and many, many rescue animals. She runs circles, workshops and retreats for women focused on awakening the feminine, overcoming burnout and navigating transitions.

Tracey Pattison: Tracey is an essential oils educator, food intuitive, kitchen witch and recipe creatress who has written 24 cookbooks and lived in Asia, Australia and the Middle East. She is a healer, connector and teacher who’s intimate knowledge of and connection to nature informs all of her work.

Sara Dyer: Sara is a DONA trained birth doula and has completed the Lamaze International Childbirth Educator training program. Her own first birth experience and subsequent post natal depression helped ignite her passion for the non-judgemental education and empowerment of women. When she’s is not supporting mothers and growing community you will find Sara singing loudly (lately to Disney songs) and staring dreamily at her dust covered guitar while she wrangles 2 toddlers and a teenager.

Sonia Hennesy: Sonia is a fully-qualified personal trainer and wellness coach who runs her own women’s fitness studio in Gisborne, Central Victoria. Sonia has spent many years working with women and has a passion for a non-diet approach to fitness that holistically supports women throughout her life cyle. Sonia is a mum of two who has used exercise and pelvic floor recovery throughout her own postpartum journey and beyond.

Megan Steers (TBC): is a women’s physiotherapist and pilates teacher. She uses her multidisciplinary approach in assisting women leading up to and beyond birth.

Sample schedule (subject to change)

8:45am- Registration
9:00am – welcome circle nd intention setting
10:00am – oils for pregnancy, birth and babies
11:00am – morning tea
11:30am – nutritional support for pregnancy, birth and beyond
12:30pm –lunch workshop – gathering your tribe
1:15pm – introduction to hypnobirthing
2:15pm – birth positioning and prenatal yoga
3:15pm – Afternoon tea
3:30pm – postnatal pelvic care
4:15pm – closing circle, ritual and reflections
5:30pm – Finish



What people say about working with me:

“Meg has been the confidant I never knew I needed. She just ‘got’ me and the way my mind worked – and she revealed things I didn’t even know about myself, but that now seem to explain the patterns my life has taken. I trust Meg with all of my vulnerabilities and all of my strengths. She has helped me become the independent, strong, self-nurturing woman I am today and I am eternally grateful” – Emma, QLD

“Meg facilitated a massive awakening for me through her gentle inquiry-excellent questions & sincere understanding. Her empathy & deep knowledge offered me great confidence and clarity. Cannot recommend Meg enough. Thank you!” – Alex, VIC

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