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A Vital Woman: Melbourne Workshop

Second Story Studios, Collingwood, VIC
Saturday July 28 – 6:15pm-9:15pm

Join Women’s Empowerment Coach and Yoga Teacher Meg Berryman for an evening of movement, deep connection, self awakening and exploration of energy and vitality from a feminine perspective.

Imagine feeling ENERGIZED without struggling to lose weight or work out. What would it mean to have access to a wellspring of energy that allows you to fill your days with your most valued actions and fuel your relationships to a deeper level?

Imagine feeling CONFIDENT – aligned with your deepest values and un-bothered by other people’s expectations and priorities that have been imposed on you. Would that confidence drive your purpose, inspiration and passion and allow you to follow through on your long-held desires?

Imagine feeling LIBERATED – deeply appreciated and valued for simply being you. Free of the idea you need to strive to be someone else and connected with the wisdom that your sensitivity is actually your greatest asset. What would it feel like to be truly seen in all your glory? How would it free you to turn the traits you deem unloveable into some of your greatest gifts?

Imagine feeling SUPPORTED – to work with your feminine gifts, to own your emotional and physical blueprint and to listen and honour the deep wisdom of your body. How would it feel to have a framework that has been developed for your womanly body, mind and soul?

Imagine feeling AT EASE – in deep acceptance of where you are in life and in deep connection with your inner and outer environments. Wouldn’t it be incredible to work with, rather than fight against the wisdom of cycles and seasons to supercharge your wellbeing and optimize your productivity?

Imagine feeling SENSUAL – your feel good hormones on overdrive as you sip beautiful wine and snack on a divine cheese platter. How would it feel to be surrounded by plush pillows, in a cozy warm room full of like minded sisters who are ready to share their vulnerabilities with you?

If you hunger for a path to wellness and energy that celebrates YOU as a woman, this is the workshop for you. 

During this workshop, you’ll explore how to overcome burnout, fatigue and stress using deep feminine wisdom. Put simply, I’m going to teach you how to harness your most vital self. You’ll:

– learn the four elements of A vital woman: connection, creativity, containment and contribution

– get clear on your values and let go of the sh*t that is draining you

– connect with your pelvic energy and learn what feminine movement and yoga feels like and how to use them to optimize your energy

– work with seasons and cycles to supercharge your wellbeing and energy levels

– explore sisterhood and connect with like minded women on a soul level – in a supported environment free of judgement

– unleash fresh energy for your creative and passion projects – by releasing what is ready to be released

– create a sacred intention to work with going forward and put in place supports so you can remain grounded as you move out of circle.

You’ll yoga, journal, chat, laugh and graze. This is a truly safe place for you to explore how to end the cycle of stress, fatigue and self punishment in a way that is natural to your womanly body, mind and soul.

You’ll leave the space feeling supported, aligned, energized and confident.

Places limited to 12 beautiful souls. Includes three hour workshop, cheese and wine and a journal.

Tickets – $25 per person TWO DAYS ONLY. Tickets are non-refundable but may be transferred to another person.

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What people say about working with me:

“Meg has been the confidant I never knew I needed. She just ‘got’ me and the way my mind worked – and she revealed things I didn’t even know about myself, but that now seem to explain the patterns my life has taken. I trust Meg with all of my vulnerabilities and all of my strengths. She has helped me become the independent, strong, self-nurturing woman I am today and I am eternally grateful” – Emma, QLD

“Meg facilitated a massive awakening for me through her gentle inquiry-excellent questions & sincere understanding. Her empathy & deep knowledge offered me great confidence and clarity. Cannot recommend Meg enough. Thank you!” – Alex, VIC

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