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Compass: Your 2018 Guidebook

Compass is a two hour intention setting journey for women with purpose. Tune into your body with a feminine flow yoga practice video, and then discover your compass word and focus areas for 2018 using a guided audio workshop and beautiful workbook for you to draw, dream and create in.

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Love Yourself Well E-Guide

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This printable guide provides information, tools and activities designed to help you discover YOUR unique path to wellbeing. A path that celebrates your strengths, aligns with your values and fits into your lifestyle.

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Free 7 Day Energy Challenge

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Receive daily emails with videos, information, meditations, tools and tips on restoring your energy and overcoming fatigue. This guilt-free, simple 7 day challenge will help you find free and easy habits that you fit with YOUR lifestyle and encourage you to bring awareness to plugging the energy leaks in your life.

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Dreamcatcher Workbook – Escape the Wellbeing Wilderness


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Learn how taking one inspired action can awaken the confident goddess within and empower you to go after your wildest dreams. In this workbook, I guide you to: connect with one inspired action that resonates with your soul; create a sound roadmap to achieving it based on your unique attributes and strengths; overcome mindset obstacles that arise along the way; relish the journey; and celebrate your success!

Self Care for Women Who Care

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Download your FREE E-book – Self Care for Women Who Care

Learn simple wellness tools and techniques that will leave you feeling energized, inspired and connected. Specially written for women who care too much (those of us who give all our energy to others!), or those working in the ‘caring’ industries, this E-book is practical and simple.






Free Downloadable Coaching Worksheets

Symptom Tracker
Overcoming anxiety worksheet
Mindfulness meditation introduction
Energy Balance Worksheet
Incorporating More Veggies: Meal Plan & Recipes
2017 Roadmap Planner
Food Diary

Social Media Detox Cheat Sheet
Decisional balance
Weekly Journal Exercise






Five minute guided mindfulness meditation