How change can happen in an instant

I’ve always been fascinated by truly jaw-dropping wellbeing experiences. Those perfect orchestrations of soul-enveloping loveliness that leave you feeling relaxed, complete, whole, at peace. You leave these experiences humming from the inside out – your nervous system rejuvenated, your mind clear and your physical body at ease.

I love creating environments where we are encouraged to drop the walls. Cut the façade. Let ourselves fully feel and be. In a world filled with fear that creates so little space for personal growth, discovery and vulnerability, I have made it literally my business to create environments where the seekers and nurturers of the world can truly transform.

A perfect wellbeing experience could be that incredible, life-changing massage. A carefully constructed amalgamation of customer service, responsive and intuitive touch, dimmed lights and aromatherapy. It could be a retreat – each day thoughtfully planned and executed to allow maximum growth and rejuvenation. Each day an invitation to shed the harsh exterior and get comfy operating from the heart.

But to me, wellbeing experiences can also be found outside the health world. A horse ride on a crisp Spring day – the early morning sun encouraging steam to escape off the still dewy gum leaves and the sweat of the horse mixing with the aroma of grass and mud to create a heady cocktail that just screams joy. A steaming hot coffee – creamy, warm, like the most perfect hug, and the Saturday papers lovingly arranged at you favourite cafe. A cooking class culminating in a shared meal and a perfect glass of paired wine – beautiful food and inspiring connection. A picnic by the river on a hot summer day – with nowhere to be all afternoon and the knowledge of an impending siesta under a cool fan after lunch. All of these experiences can create wellbeing – which by my definition is the state achieved when our bodies, mind and souls are in perfect alignment and at ease.

Each of us have a different roadmap to wellbeing. There are as many experiences that nourish us and facilitate our growth as there are people alive. Each of us a collation of a soul plus our experiences, memories, conditioning and physiology – each of us capable of receiving energy and ease from a different configuration of elements. Some of us like the lights dimmed. Some of us prefer bright sunlight. Some of us like Classical music. Some of us prefer metal. Our variety is what makes cookie cutter wellness approaches so damn frustrating… and so damn disappointing in their fleeting success.

Instead, I reckon the trick is to learn to tune into how our bodies feel during these activities and experiences… and to use that discernment to create a more energized, fulfilled existence. If something feels expansive. Nourishing. Energizing. We can aim to do more of it. If something feels restrictive, guilt inducing or makes our bodies tense up, we can either aim to reduce those energy drains, or change the way we think about them so as to reduce the stress they create on our physical and mental bodies.

My belief is that knowing our wellbeing roadmap – the experiences and activities that make our hearts sing and our minds soar – can turn life from a toxic steam of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and paralysis to a life filled with joy, energy and wonder. The trick is to begin crowding out those experiences that don’t serve us with more experiences that do.

And that’s the essence of what I aim to do. Create amazing, connecting, nourishing, awe-inspiring experiences that encourage and invite the seekers and nurturers of this world to come forth and transform. I know that true wellbeing comes only from the inside out. All the green smoothies and 28 minute workouts will not sustainably change our stress levels if we don’t first acknowledge why we are stressed and work through that at a deeper level.

My mission, therefore is, to create experiences that allow us to be comfy enough to change. Experiences that can provide the inspiration and empowerment to go that bit deeper. Experiences that have equal parts spaciousness and invigorating activities. Experiences that help us to realise that we really are pretty special, just as we are.

These experiences currently come in many forms– a yoga class. A coaching session. A group program. A retreat. But I have big plans to turn these experiences into larger events combining both the traditional and non traditional elements of wellness. Think yoga in a vineyard. Or glamping with a side of coaching. Or hiking with a gourmet cooking class thrown in for good measure. Anything to snap us out of our day to day and remind us that we are all fricken unicorns and goddesses.

So who am I here to serve? I’m here to serve those seekers who want to experience, learn, know, grow and taste more. The carers and nurturers who give out a lot and expect little in return. The beauty lovers. The nature lovers. The occasional creative and the sometimes gourmet chefs. The busy overachievers who just occasionally needs to rest and recharge. The ones everyone looks to for answers and who appears to have it all together, but deep in her soul wants someone to envelop her in a hug and say ‘you’re enough just as you are’. Those mamas and aspiring mamas who want to be defined not only by the job they have or the offspring they raise, but the legacy they leave and the love they gave.

Here it is. Listen closely. You are enough, just as you are. You are safe, just as you are.

If this is you. Welcome home. You have found your tribe.

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M xo

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