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6 or 12 months of one-one support to help you stretch into your unique feminine body + soul

Ever listen to a podcast or read a book and get super inspired to totally overhaul your life? Yep, me too. Like all the time.

The only problem is where you are now feels constricted and the more you think about the issues you want to fix or work on, the more overwhelming it feels. Writing to do lists feels good, taking consistent action feels harder.

I don’t want you to feel constricted or overwhelmed or in doubt of where you’re going or what’s important. I don’t want you to feel burnt out or weighed down by obligation or what you think will keep you safe.

I don’t want that for you because I’ve been there (and still cycle back there sometimes) and it feels bloody awful.

We’ve all spent WAY too long in that state and it’s time for us individually and collectively to call BS on the whole ‘keeping women in spirals of debt, self criticism, guilt and shame’ charade. 

So I’m here to pour you a cuppa, hold your gaze and listen… really listen with my body AND my ears to what’s going on for you. And then together we can discern what is actually true and important for you so that your action is inspired and aligned rather than fear-based or anxiety-inducing.

I want you to learn what it feels like to inhabit your body, to feel safe with yourself, to feel worthy of being seen and visible, to create whatever it is you dream of and to CELEBRATE your abundance and success. 

Bit by bit, I want to help you uncover what it is that is holding you back (and just know, for context, that a lot of it is bullshit societal conditioning and not, in fact, your lack of willpower) and find POWER in understanding why you do what you do.

Step by step, I want you to remember your TRUE NATURE as a woman. Which is that you are a cyclical, magical, natural, incredible BEING that does not have to ‘do’ more to be loveable or feel worthy of receiving wealth and good things.

And finally, I want to help you make the CONTRIBUTION to this earth you were born to make – which only comes about from truly knowing, and owning your gifts. 

I invite you to invest deeply in your empowerment journey. If you’ve done ALL THE WELLNESS THINGS and are still not getting sustainable change in how you feel about yourself on the inside, this program is for you.

This package provides a sacred, safe container for your deep inner work – I invite in only a few women a year to do this work so that I can deeply and truly hold space for your journey and provide individualised support. 

It combines the structure of monthly/bi-monthly themes whilst accommodating the exploration of situations and learnings as they arise for you.

You’ll get empowered in the five areas I work with women on:

△ relationships + connection 

△ nourishment  + health

△ motherhood + creativity (NB: ‘mother’ does not necessarily denote mother of children, but rather refers to the ‘mother’/creative energy that we all have – this module may also be used to explore conscious parenting)

△ money + abundance

△ purpose + contribution 

 Monthly calls will keep you accountable and put you on the path to sustainable change (this is why I always invest in coaching, it’s super difficult to stay focused and motivated and connected all year long when the world is constantly distracting you and telling you to fix something else!).

You’ll finish your 6/12 months feeling

super connected to your values, priorities and your body with distinct boundaries

△ sexual, sensual and flirty with zero guilt about experiencing any of life’s pleasures

△ confident and unafraid to be SEEN 

△ on-purpose and working towards soul alignment in work/career and life

△ like you are SO ready to break up with fixing shit 

with a cute travel case FULL of personalised tips, rituals and resources to use when things get a little stressful

△ energized and in deep communion with those around you and the natural world

△ inspired (rather than powerless) to do good in the world

△ free of busy-ness, shame, guilt, overwhelm – with lots of white space on your calendar to do awesome things. 

‘What absolutely life-changing work. Thank you for your wisdom, your guidance and your inspiration. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have found a connection with you, Meg. Your deep insight into yourself and others is a true gift but so much more than that. You have helped me find a connection to ME. And for that I’m forever grateful.
Kate – VIC

How it works

Empow(her) is for the fiercely committed – those women ready to liberate themselves and make a positive impact on those around them. At the start of your package, we agree on a monthly session time and we’ll both hold that space with reverence for the full 6/12 months.

During our first session we’ll make an empowerment map which indicates which of the five areas you feel empowered in and which could do with a little up-levelling. After the first session, we’ll dive deep into an exploration of the five themes and use your real life awareness and situations to create new powerful pathways in your body and brain – empowered pathways that will have you showing up more authentically, connected and confident in your everyday life.

I use a combination of meditation, visualisations, coaching, yoga and somatic body work and journalling (as homework) to help you transform areas of pain into incredible, feminine power. 

Six month option:

△ Month 1 – Empowerment mapping + personalised toolkit

△ Month 2 -nourishment + health

△ Month 3 – relationships + connection

△ Month 4 – motherhood/creativity

△ Month 5 – money + abundance

△ Month 6 – purpose + contribution.

 These are traditionally the areas of life where women are MOST disempowered. 

You’ll receive

△ Includes 6 x 75 minute monthly audio calls via zoom/ in person sessions (outside Castlemaine)

△ Personalised toolkit including recomended practices, rituals, resources and books.

△ Six months of email support

△ Worksheets/journalling prompts

 △ A little personalised gift in the mail to say you’re amazing for investing in yourself.

Six payments of AUD 170
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Three places left for February – July 2019

Meg is a beautiful person who is so very talented at drawing out the essence of issues and expanding to exactly where I needed. I was feeling totally overwhelmed and so very ‘mum-tired’ and she has helped me climb back to a place of feeling like me again. I can’t say enough good things! – Carly, VIC 

Twelve month option

The twelve month option allows deeper integration, more cellular healing and ultimately a whole year devoted to your personal practice and empowerment. We’ll experience the full four seasons together and you’ll create the most incredible year of learning and up-levelling of your life.

△ Month 1 – Empowerment mapping + personalised toolkit

△ Month 2 and 3 -nourishment + health

△ Month 4 and 5 – relationships + connection

△ Month 6 and 7  – motherhood/creativity

△ Month 8 and 9 – money + abundance

△ Month 10 and 11 – purpose + contribution

△ Month 12 – bringing it all together and empowerment ritual

You’ll receive

△ Includes 12 x 75 minute monthly audio calls via zoom/ in person sessions (outside Castlemaine)

△ Personalised toolkit including recommended practices, rituals, resources and books.

△ Twelve months of email support

△ Worksheets/journalling prompts

 △ A little personalised gift in the mail to say you’re amazing for investing in yourself

△ An end of year ceremony/ritual (in person if possible) where we get to integrate all your learning and CELEBRATE your success.

Twelve payments of $150
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One place left for 2019

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