So you’re thinking about working on your wellbeing but not sure where to start? Exercise? Food? Meditation? Or maybe something tells you it’s time to look at your career, relationships, stress levels or finances?

Well fear not! I’m here to help you find your own beautiful,unique path to wellbeing. Whatever that looks like. I want to help you escape overwhelm, anxiety, stress, illness or to navigate a transition. I want to help you get:








So that you can live a life of health, freedom and purpose.

How can I help?

I am here to help you CONNECT WITH YOUR INNERMOST NEEDS. By improving your awareness and reconnecting with yourself it is easy to find your own unique path to wellbeing. I have X-Ray vision and an awesome ability to see clarity in confusion. I don’t see broken or sick or overwhelmed or burnt out. I see the potential for whole, inspired, confident and energized. And I’m here to help you see it too.

Wellbeing & Empowerment Mentoring

I LOVE co-creating amazing experiences for women who are ready to go beyond conventional wellness wisdom. As a Wellbeing & Empowerment Mentor, I can work with you to develop your very own roadmap to wellbeing that is more motivating and sustainable than anything you’ve tried before. We meet every few weeks to check in, set some awesome personal goals, work through any mindset junk that might be holding you back, and explore what you need to do to keep working toward YOUR version of a well, inspired life. That might mean that in an average session, we might talk about your health, finances, relationships or career depending on exactly WHAT is stressing you out and keeping you sick or stuck.


I also teach yoga – a beautiful body and mind based practice that can help us switch off our busy minds, learn to tune into the body and soul and help us to work through difficult emotions. As a pre and posnatal, yin and hatha yoga teacher I love guiding you toward more a more centered, calm and confident you. Combining Wellbeing Mentoring and Yoga is an amazing way to truly kickstart your journey inward and get you confident about making big bold changes in your life.


My number one passion is creating jaw dropping, instagrammable, authentic, connecting, nourishing, relaxing, inspiring, empowering events that support you on your journey within. I love mixing traditional wellness events (massage, hiking or yoga) with non traditional activities (cooking, horse riding, vineyard visits) to prove that wellbeing is about MORE than green smoothies. I love cutting through all the fear, noise and expectations and creating experiences that enable us to drop the walls, get still and set a path toward change. My true belief is that we are a little over the lack of depth in the online world, and I want to get people reinspired, reconnected and reinvigorated with themselves and others.

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