Yoga for Burnout

21 October: 10am-12pm
Prana House, Thornbury

A workshop for women seeking balance, energy and fulfilment


Join this intimate workshop and discover how to make sense of and overcome burnout, fatigue and stress.
You’ll learn:
  • The anatomy of burnout and what your body wants you to know
  • How to stimulate the vagus nerve to get your body out of the stress response
  • How to bring more balance into your life by employing simple, free tools to restore your body, mind and soul
  • How to re-introduce movement after a period of illness
  • How to interpret what your body is telling you so you can honour it before you get burnt out.
We’ll move gently, explore really simple mindfulness tools and create some space to unwind in a safe and beautiful setting.
Meg Berryman is a women’s empowerment coach and yoga teacher specialising in helping women make sense of and move beyond burnout. She has a passion for helping passionate women find balance, energy and fulfilment – without having to sacrifice the good things in life.
No previous yoga or meditation experience necessary.
Bookings essential – use the Paypal link below to secure your spot.

$50 per person



Picnic at Hanging Rock

A vision workshop for women

Hanging Rock Reserve, Newham 
2 December 2017


Join Yoga Teacher and Women’s Empowerment Coach Meg Berryman for a morning of yoga, sisterhood, grazing, dreaming and creating. Meg specialises in helping women in the social sectors prevent and recover from burnout.

Reconnect with your feminine through a nourishing barefoot slow flow yoga practice and a grounding meditation. Over a beautiful morning tea be guided to reflect on your 2017 and create your unique vision for 2018.


Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, soak up the Vitamin D and connect with your sisters in a supportive, open environment.

Leave feeling inspired, connected, grounded and with a new awareness of how you can fight stress and fatigue and connect with your feminine nature on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

Ticket price includes journal and pen, morning tea, yoga class and a vision workshop.

Please bring a yoga mat and cushion, or request one to be provided for you.

Please note that Hanging Rock Reserve (55 minutes north of Melbourne CBC) charges $10 entry per car. This is not included in the ticket price. We encourage you to carpool and can help you find a lift if you need.


$65 per person

Book now using the Paypal link below. Places extremely limited.


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