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Six Months to Reclaim your Feminine Gifts:

Awaken is a three or six month coaching journey for women like you who are ready to reclaim your feminine gifts – in the process, awakening your inspiration,  purpose, energy, sensuality and magnetism. Being disconnected from your feminine powers can leave you feeling burnt out, stuck, sick, disengaged, depressed, anxious, fatigued and in a cycle of body and spiritual harm. Reclaiming your feminine gifts – intuition, creativity, receptivity, compassion and acceptance – is the richest, most sustainable and profoundly healing path beyond burnout. It teaches you to honour and cherish your body, your mind and your soul’s calling instead of constantly needing to find ways to coerce, escape or punish yourself. It brings about the end of approaches that are predicated on the notion you need fixing, instead fostering a deep inner acceptance of self and a confidence that allows you to unleash your creative gifts to the world, reclaim your vitality, weather all manner of challenges in life with awareness and achieve far, far more with way less effort. It teaches you to work with your inner wisdom and guidance – rather than always feeling the need to take the hard road, or paddle upstream.

During this journey, you’ll receive

* a pre-journey questionnaire designed to help you set clear intentions for our time together and help me feel into how best to support you

* a 90 minute initial compass call to set your course and check in with areas for healing

* fortnightly 60 coaching sessions via phone or skype

* a final 90 minute and ritual to help you honour the journey

* access to worksheets, resources, personalised rituals, meditations, books and other wisdom that is carefully curated for you.

During your Awaken journey, we may explore:

* how to tune into and use your energy without burning out

*  how to reclaim your vitality

* how to create a ‘me map’ – a snapshot of where to focus attention and effort

* how to use your intuition and heart in decision making

* how to reclaim sex and sensuality

* how to honour your needs and create boundaries

* how to work with your cycle and life cycles to achieve more with less energy

* how to move with rhythm and flow to nourish your body

* how to receive and allow – trusting your own decisions and experience

* how to manage anxiety and worry while maintaining flexibility

* how to end the war with your body

* how to work with and reclaim the pelvic energy

* how to use ritual to transform pain or invoke change

* how to express emotion – and reclaim ‘bad’ emotions

* how to accept the unacceptable parts of yourself

If you find yourself perpetually in the cycle of burnout, anxiety or fatigue – I would love to connect with you to feel into whether this offering would be supportive.

Three or six month option available. 

$287 a month.

Limited places available for 2018.

To book your Awaken discovery call, click here.




Love Yourself Well

Three Month Wellbeing Mentoring Program

This three month group mentoring program is for stressed out, professional women suffering from fatigue who are looking to redefine wellbeing on their own terms. We’ll break the cycle of stress and guilt and together explore what makes your body, mind and soul thrive. You’ll finish the three months feeling energized, inspired, connected, empowered and confident. Program includes:

– 9 x modules of audio lectures, workbooks, meditations and lecture notes
– 2 x one-one personalised coaching calls (via Skype or phone)
– Lifetime access to the Love Yourself Well Facebook group.

Sign up now and work through the content at your own pace 


Beyond Clarity

My most popular offering. In this 90 minutes, I’ll help you get clear on what you’d really love to have in your life – confidence, energy, wellbeing, wealth or relationships. We’ll create goals that light you up and make you feel motivated rather than guilty. We’ll discuss the obstacles holding you back and learn where your priority action areas are. You’ll also learn some awesome mindfulness and stress relief tools that you can start implementing immediately.

Includes pre-call questionnaire, one x 90 minute mentoring session via phone or skype plus individualised two page report.
AUD $200

Pivot – Career Coaching

Career change isn’t about making huge, drastic changes – it’s about taking small, purposeful steps toward alignment. This powerful 90 minute session via phone, Skype or in person has been created to help you get clear on your purpose and create a powerful vision for living in alignment with it. Perfect if you’re in the midst of career transition, feeling stuck in your job, experiencing burnout or wanting to make a greater impact using your unique talents, gifts and qualities. You’ll receive a pre-session questionnaire, 90 minute coaching session and a follow-up personalised report with recommendations on practices, rituals, resources or other information to help you with your next best step.

AUD $200




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