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9 months – 8 women – 5 circles – 5 themes
I invite you to embark on a nine month journey of sisterhood, growth and support to unlock empowerment in five areas of life and step out into the world as a sacred, social leader.
The Empow(her) circle series is a safe and sacred space for womxn leaders like you to explore and empower yourself in your:
>> health + nourishment 
>> purpose + contribution 
>> motherhood + creativity 
>> wealth + abundance 
>> love + relationships 
Every second month, you will gather in an intimate circle where you will share and unpack the stories and beliefs that you’ve learned in relation to the circle theme. You will be guided to drop into deep practices and exercises to help you reclaim your power or amplify the power you already possess. You’ll graze on beautiful light supper and sip on herbal tea as you use the wisdom of the seasons and cycles to reflect on your relationship with health, purpose, creativity, abundance and love – and you’ll be beautifully supported as your authentic self by your sisters in circle.

By empowering these areas of life, you’ll unlock and activate your sacred social leadership. You’ll come to understand your unique gifts and the part they play in the larger changes happening in the world right now. As a result, you will finish the year feeling purposeful, connected and able to clearly discern and prioritise what is important to you.
In between circles, you’ll stay in close connection with me and your sisters via a private Whatsapp group, and explore additional emails containing journal prompts and other resources to prepare for the upcoming circle.
You’ll relish the beautiful combination of in-person connection and embodiment work, with ongoing support and a place to explore the everyday occurrences and how they relate to the themes of circle.
The five areas of life are the areas that traditionally as women you may find yourself feeling disempowered. They are the areas where you find yourself battling against repetitive cycles, thoughts or behaviours. They are the places that drain your energy and resources and keep you in the day to day, rather than working toward your greater vision. This circle series is designed to give you the tools that we can use to understand these patterns and ‘stuck’ behaviours across any area of your life, so you can get empowered and move forward with a new, transformative truths. From there, you can express your unique sacred social leadership in the world with confidence and ease. 
These tools will be applicable FOR LIFE and the relationships formed will serve you as you venture forth into a new year in 2020.
You will finish the year feeling:

>> deeply connected with yourself and others
>> empowered with a toolkit you can use to get unstuck at any time
>> highly aware of the main beliefs that are holding you back, with embodiment practices to make yourself feel safe when they arise
>> more confident
>> more energized
>> with firmer boundaries and a sense of wholeness
>> empowered


AUD 440 – Four monthly payments of AUD 110

>> 5 x 2.5 hours circles (every second month)

>> access to a private whatsapp group where you can ask questions and share

>> additional emails with journal prompts and resources.

Dates and Times:
March 29 7:30pm: Health + Nourishment
May 21 7:30pm: Relationships + Love
July 26 7:30pm: Creativity + Relationships
September 27 7:30pm: Abundance + Wealth
November 29 7:30pm: Purpose + Contribution
Harcourt, Central Victoria
Please note signing up means you are making a commitment to attempt to attend every circle. Part payment (if you can’t make all circles) is not an option for this offering.

4 places left – to secure your place – hit ‘subscribe’ below.

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  1. I would like to join the 4 remaining classes. I know I have missed the first class. Could you please let me know if possible.



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