Guided meditation for difficult feelings

“Go inwards, find your inner space; and suddenly you will find an explosion of light of beauty and ecstasy” – Osho

This is a beautiful meditation practice to do daily, but especially when you are feeling uncomfortable feelings and are noticing yourself fighting, squashing, numbing or avoiding them.

So many times the cause of our suffering is a reaction to emotions that are wanting to be felt or acknowledged. And yet learning to sit alongside difficult emotions can build our resilience, strength, emotional wellbeing and sense of ease and peace. So often, on the other side of feeling something painful, lies a deep sense of connectedness and clarity.

I’ve seen many times my work with clients take on a whole new level when together we learn to understand how the behaviours that we think are the issue – self soothing with food, poor relationships, over-giving or busy-ness – are actually just symptoms of deeper, more rooted feelings or pain, shame or guilt.

My approach is to find safe spaces to explore them, as physical sensations, and to soften with them – so that we may be moved by them and enlightened by the lessons that they are sharing with us. When we do so, we remove the vulnerability that can hold us hostage, and awaken new levels of freedom and wellness.

I hope you enjoy,



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