How healing the feminine can change the world


As a socially conscious woman, I’ve always grappled with balancing the need to do the internal healing work whilst wanting to also change the social structures (in particular patriarchy, inequality and marginalization) that wound us and our fellow humans in such deep ways.


To me, doing the work is meaningless unless we can also within it find the strength to challenge the norms that have become part of society – destroying the earth, hating other humans and over-consuming as a way to numb out the pain. We can learn to love ourselves over and over again in the confines of a retreat or in an ashram, only to return to the world and be bombarded with the images and patterns of oppression – body shame, trauma, competition and individualism. It’s all about context and our context treats women and anyone deemed as ‘less than’ or ‘other’ pretty terribly.


Learning to connect with ourselves is one thing – a deeply important thing. But learning to see ourselves as interconnected is – I hope – the natural progression from the work we are all doing on our wellness, wellbeing and fulfilment.


It is in the reconnecting with others from a place of deep appreciation, gratitude, oneness and reverence that we can catalyse drastic internal change as well as forge creative relationships and collectives to bring about larger, systemic change.


Women have, for a long time, been pitted against each other. We have been forced to compete, to withdraw, to judge and to hate each other as it serves those in power if our collective consciousness is weakened.


But women were not born to hate each other. Within our DNA lies the memories of the rhythm of the drums that we drummed in circle, the wisdom we shared during our menses, the creations we birthed – be they beautiful woven threads or babies that we collectively raised. Within us lies the knowledge that sisterhood is something that we need to survive. The loneliness that creeps up on us comes in part from the perception that we must keep ourselves separate from others (our ego loves it) and in part from the bigger social forces that encourage us to remain so.


This does not mean that relationships are always beautiful and creative and nurturing. No, the beauty in these relationships lies also in the challenge of them. It lies in the ties that hold us closely – those that force us when we are triggered, or hurt or caught up in our own story and wounds of being special, lonely, left out or belittled – to come in close and listen to what we are being asked to heal.


When we have a space to explore these hurts, these stories and these patterns in a supported way – when we are held close so that we cannot run away and turn our backs on women and sisterhood – this is when our relationships become our greatest spiritual awakening. And what would it mean for our collective efforts at making change in the world if we stayed – we listened – we opened ourselves up – and we saw a woman standing before us in all her glorious vulnerability? Would we be able to look into her eyes and see our own image reflected back? And if we stayed – could we transmute the power that we had created by healing this wound and use it to bring about the bigger, impactful changes we so desired?


What if we saw that the expectations we have of our colleagues, our daughters, our bosses, our mothers and our friends were just mirrors of the expectations we held upon ourselves? How would we soften both of those expectations – to allow more heart-connection, more depth, more change?


Circle is an incredibly powerful way that we can take the individual pursuit of healing and wellbeing into the collective. When we sit in circle and are held and witnessed by other women, we remember what support really truly feels like. Instead of resorting to socially conditioned ways of relating – those where we pity a woman, or judge her as a way of removing ourselves – we are invited to explore our sameness. We are invited to really listen to her and to see her strength, her openness and her courage. And if we are able to see those things in her, we are able to begin to witness them in ourselves too.


Circle transforms our relationships to ourselves – because it is a space where we are seen in all our full, magnificent glory. But it also transforms our relationships in the real world. It helps us be patient – to engage with the challenge as a way of growing. It helps us to embody our feminine power and potential – and to harness it as a way of restoring the energy and vitality of ourselves and those around us.


And it is this holistic view of wellbeing – one that encompasses how we relate, love, contribute and protect – that women are so desperately searching for in a sea of green smoothies and fitness apps. We don’t want anymore to punish or judge ourselves and others – but we – as the embodiment of the divine feminine – want so deeply to merge with ourselves. To fall deeply in love with ourselves and others so that we can in turn use that love to power great, sustainable change for those sisters that do not have the privileges that we are so fortunate to possess.


If you are ready to experience this profound work, here’s how.


  • On March 23rd I’ll be running A Vital Woman: A Sacred Women’s Circle in Canberra. Sisters, it’s time to HEAL, RISE + CONNECT. At this intimate event, we’ll use movement, connection + creativity to explore the four elements of a vital woman and re-pattern our relationship with stress and fatigue. Just TWO places left – book here.
  • From Tuesday March 27th – June 5th I’ll be holding a three month online women’s circle exploring the theme of COURAGE. This circle is for socially conscious sisters who are looking to embody courage to birth your businesses, babies, conscious parenting work, soul work, relationships or to deepen your own healing journey or connections with like minded sisters. It will be a beautiful, safe, sacred place for healing, growth, connection, laughter and ritual. We’ll connect every week via zoom (video call) for three months on a Tuesday night at 7:30pm AET. Includes 12 calls, private Facebook group with full access to me and additional goodies including worksheets, meditations and rituals. I am calling in just eight women really committed to showing up for their sisters and themselves who are so ready to love and be loved in this way – you will come in strangers and you will leave confident, feminine, powerful soul sisters each on your mission to change the world in your own way. $140 per month or $420 total. Contact me via email to be receive your personal invitation when details are finalised.
  • There are just two places left for my Emergence: Bali retreat in August and the women that are being called to join this FULL WEEEK of circle, yoga, wellness and self love are phenomenal. Retreat price includes single share accommodation in the lush rice paddies of Ubud, daily yoga, meditation and workshops, loads of free time to explore, a massage and one-one soul session with me, daily vegetarian organic breakfast and welcome and farewell dinners. Monthly payment plans available – to pay your deposit and secure your place go here.


Or to explore more intimately working together in a one-one setting, get in touch and we can arrange your free 45 minute soul chat.


Sending much love this week,


Meg xo

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