My wellbeing roadmap

The thing I love helping clients with the most is expanding their view of what constitutes wellness. We are sold a very narrow perspective of what wellness should look like and as a result we lose sight of the simple pleasures already have access to in order to achieve energy and lightness. Like eating a nourishing meal with friends. Or walking in the park and kicking up autumn levels. Or lying outside and letting the sun soak into our skin. Wellbeing, I believe, does not have to be complicated.

But to find wellbeing in our own lives, I think we need to be brave enough to examine the real reasons we might be feeling less than well right now. It’s easy to fluff around at the superficial level making micro-tweaks to our diets. It’s harder to admit that our job is draining our life blood. Or our tendency to over-give in relationships is leaving us exhausted. Or our perfectionism is rendering us incapacitated. Or we’ve simply lost the ability to have light hearted fun.

I offer a session called the Roadmap to Health + Freedom and in it I help clients get really clear on what they desire – that is, what feelings they would like to foster in their lives. I also help uncover their deeper values so that they can lose all the shit that keeps them busy and focus on activities that support their bigger purpose in life. This also helps create crystal-clear clarity on what wellbeing looks like for them.

Understanding what makes me feel really good and having the courage to follow those things has changed my life. Not in a monumental big shift, but in a million tiny decisions repeated over and over again. My wellbeing roadmap – more than just allowing me to have energy – has also given me permission to express the silly, light-hearted, creative sides of myself that I know we all have. It is my go-to when making decisions as small as what to have for lunch and as big as what work projects to take on and who to build relationships with.

In doing so, I have been able to see the life-changing value of compassion, community, nature, laughter, gentle movement, great food, purpose and service – things that will not grace the pages of your glossy wellness magazines, but which – when fostered – create sustainable wellbeing that allows us to grab life by the shoulders and shake every last drop out of it. I ain’t saying this road is easy, but my goodness it is SATISFYING. Here is my wellbeing roadmap, in all it’s glory.

my wellbeing roadmap



At the end of these sessions, clients receive a two page report that spells out their values, desired feelings and their wellbeing roadmap. A document that they can come back to again and again. Here’s what some clients say about the process –

‘I can’t adequately describe how Meg has helped me/saved me/changed my life. I came to her looking for some help dealing with a chronic illness and, eighteen months later, am finding my entire world has changed and continues to expand with happiness thanks to her remarkable wisdom and gentle guidance. She truly has a gift for hearing our needs and helping us respond with compassion. Her coaching has helped exponentially with my body image, anxiety, relationship intimacy, stress, health and fitness, and work-life balance. When my friends, colleagues and doctor remark on my wisdom or self-awareness or happiness or emotional stable or capacity to help with their problems, which they often do!, I tell them – and know! – it’s all down to the learning and support I get from this remarkable, talented woman’. – Naomi, ACT.

Want some help designing your own wellbeing roadmap? Purchase your session using the Paypal link below¬†and I’ll be in touch to arrange a time. It’s as easy as that! Sessions are done over the phone or Skype and are available internationally.


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