S1E5 – Living a Values Based Life with Tamsin Casey

In this week’s podcast episode, I chat with my friend – budding Naturopath, Project Manager and Nutrition and Wellbeing Educator Tamsin Casey on how to live a values based life.

We chat about:

  • reality versus fantasy and how to find meaning in challenge
  • how to find your values
  • how to make small, meaningful changes to find more fulfilment, health and purpose
  • treechanging and the importance of your environment
  • leaving a corporate job and why it’s OK to go back
  • why women shouldn’t bio-hack their way through life
  • how to not get bogged down in unimportant things
  • how to find safety in change.

We really wanted to evoke a feeling of sitting down in my office having a glass of wine with us – to make sure that we are being real, and not creating a false fantasy or projecting our lives as perfect. I think the result is a relateable, honest conversation about how scary change can be, and how to find a sense of safety and support through the constant evolution that is life.

We hope you enjoy!

Listen here or on Itunes

Or download the full episode here – https://beyondbeingwell.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Episode-009-Living-a-values-based-life.mp3


To follow Tamsin’s adventures, check out @tamsincasey on instagram.

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