S1E3 – Finding the Feminine with Melissa Farrugia

Every so often you come across people who just resonate a certain quality – they almost vibrate love. Melissa Farrugia is one of those souls and I’m so excited to share this podcast episode with you so you, too, can appreciate  her deep wisdom.

Melissa is a Shamanic Kinesiologist from Soul Wellness and in this episode we delve into:

– the feminine and the quest for wholeness
– the body/mind/spirit connection and how physical symptoms interplay with life events
– aligning with love
– practices to shift out of the feeling of being stuck

And SO much more. I loved recording this conversation and hope that you, like me, get all the beautiful pearls of wisdom out of it and revisit them regularly over the holiday season.

Listen to the podcast here:

Or download the full episode here:

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