S1E1 – Dani Venn on Wholehearted Food

This week on the podcast I interview the Wholehearted Cook – Dani Venn.

Dani and I met over ten years ago and I’m super excited to have reconnected with her. In this podcast, we chat about:

  • how to fall in love with food
  • simple tips for getting organised in the kitchen
  • how to read nutrition labels
  • what’s with the organic thing?
  • being a new mum and eating whole foods
  • the importance of community.

Listen to the podcast now


Or download the podcast here- Episode 004 – Dani Venn

You can find out more about Dani at her website and don’t forget to check out her delectable recipes. She’s got a stack of awesome winter recipes to check out.

In the podcast, we also talk about the Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen – a reference guide to choosing which food to buy organic or non-organic. Check out the diagram in the link for more information.

Until next week, I wish you a beautiful weekend,

M xo

Photo: courtesy of www.thewholeheartedcook.com

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