Slow Down to Spark Up

To celebrate the release of my new Program – Slow Down to Spark Up – I’ve created this cute little infographic which shows the steps that can help in getting you from overwhelmed, anxious and stress to calm, confident and energized.

Why am I so passionate about working with the multi-tasking, overthinking, stressed, imbalanced, anxious or fearful among us? Because I know first hand how crippling and debilitating feeling overwhelmed can be. It not only keeps us feeing sick and tired – often with fatigue, nausea, uncomfortable digestive upsets or hormonal disruptions – but because feeling overwhelmed can truly prevent ucute little infographics from living the life we deserve and desire.

I have suffered with anxiety my whole adult life – and it was only when I started getting rid of the guilt and self criticism that I was able to move forward in both my physical and mental health. I believe that traditional nutrition, diet and exercise models are great to help us feel in control and to energize our bodies. But what I’ve noticed too often is that these too can add to our feelings of inadequacy, overwhelm or fatigue.

When I discovered that I could combat my fatigue and digestive symptoms with a combination of mindfulness, breathing and mindset tools, it was like a huge weight was lifted. Doing the deeper, inner work sometimes isn’t easy. But without it, I believe we can never move beyond the patterns of overthinking and overwhelm and step forward into the lives and bodies that we desire.

Not sure if this applies to you? Does any of this resonate?

  • I have tried loads of health and fitness programs but still feel unwell, exhausted or anxious
  • I just can’t seem to manage my time and have no balance in my life
  • I often feel overwhelmed and then beat myself up for not coping
  • Looking at the success of others makes me anxious
  • I always feel like I should be doing more
  • I feel guilty for doing things for myself
  • I still have undiagnosed, nagging, digestive or hormonal symptoms and I’m over them!
  • I want to feel freedom from anxiety and stress once and for all
  • I don’t feel like I’m in control of my life
  • I’m constantly second guessing myself
  • I’m paralysed from making decisions
  • I overthink and overanalyze everything
  • Little things cause me to stress out
  • I’m always tired despite my great diet and fitness routines

Do you want:

  • Freedom from anxiety, stress and uncomfortable and embarrassing digestive symptoms?
  • Unparalleled levels of energy and wellness?
  • To feel in control of your life, like you’re living life on your terms?
  • Tools that you can use to navigate stressful or anxious times?
  • The confidence to express who you are to the world?
  • To feel professionally fulfilled, competent and aligned with your purpose?
  • To rid yourself of pesky self doubt and self criticism?
  • To go beyond conventional health and fitness approaches to address the root cause of your exhaustion, anxiety and stress?

Then maybe we should chat! The Roadmap is a 12 week training and coaching program specifically for driven women who are ready to move beyond conventional health and fitness wisdom to achieve optimal wellbeing, energy and confidence.

In the program, I use a unique combination of mindfulness, self compassion, food and lifestyle coaching and fitness training to help women just like you overcome anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion for good. I can help you to take control of your anxiety, banish the inner critic, and develop a sense of confidence so you can get back to living life on your terms.

And before I forget, here’s your free infographic!

To schedule your FREE 45 minute discovery call, then simply apply to this program using the form at the bottom of this page.

Not ready for the full program? I also offer single 90 minute Roadmap sessions to help you get clarity on your priorities so you can cut through the overwhelm and start living life on your terms. The 90 minute session includes your own individualised 2-page report that outlines your two week plan to eliminate overwhelm and anxiety. Get in touch directly to book. 


M xo

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