The Year of Working Less

So you’re dreaming about less stress, more love + greater presence?

Amazing! Me too.

If you’re like me, you may find yourself frequently:

  • feeling scattered and multi-tasking without much efficiency
  • being the responsible one in the household and choosing to do chores rather than joining in the fun
  • unable to say no to greater workloads or staying late at work
  • addicted to busy-ness even though your body is saying STOP
  • feeling like if you just got through your to do list, everything would feel better
  • over-scheduling yourself with serious FOMO
  • unable to relax or feeling guilty for taking time for you
  • unable to make decisions about what do in a limited amount of time …

It’s not your fault!
These behaviours are all the result of a few things. First, a culture that teaches us that being busy will make us feel LOVED. Second, some serious conditioning around what a woman must do in order to succeed. And lastly, our powerlessness around determining what is right for us, and actually doing it.

This six part audio series is going to help you

  • get super clear on your values so you can prioritise
  • learn WHY you choose to be busy even if you say you don’t want to be
  • learn how to set boundaries and stick to them
  • learn the number one tool for tackling the urge to be busy when it arises so you can actually enjoy life while it is happening
  • get clear on how to move toward greater soul alignment in work + life
  • explore how to connect more with your innate wisdom

Each module is merely 10-15 minutes long. I’ve designed it so you can listen it while you’re walking, in the car, or just before bed as you do your journalling practice.

The modules

△ Module 1: Why do you want to work less?

△ Module 2: What drives you to be busy?

△ Module 3: Naming your patterns and triggers

△ Module 4: The game-changing tool to use every day to create more space

△ Module 5: Creating genuine nourishment

△ Module 6: Encouraging greater soul alignment in work + life

The course is designed to first, raise your awareness of why you feel so stressed, busy and overwhelmed. And then give you some game-changing tips to help you work with these states rather than fight against them. There is truly nothing ‘wrong’ with you, and being busy isn’t a disease.

But taking steps to make sure that what you are busy with and wwho you are doing it for aligns with YOUR TRUE DESIRES AND VALUES can make all the difference in our outlook, wellbeing + legacy.

“Meg was the confidant I never knew I needed. She just ‘got’ me and the way my mind worked – and she revealed things I didn’t even know about myself, but that now seem to explain the patterns my life has taken. I trust Meg with all of my vulnerabilities and all of my strengths. She has helped me become the independent, strong, self-nurturing woman I am today and I am eternally grateful”

Emma – QLD

You’ll finish the six modules and…

  • be feeling super connected to your body, your desires and your values
  • be able to say no confidently knowing that what serves you, serves others
  • make decisions about what to spend your time and money on
  • able to join in the fun, rather than be the responsible one doing dishes and sweeping the floor
  • understand how your busy-ness is serving you and therefore have deep compassion for yourself and your patterning
  • so much more settled in yourself, knowing that you have the tools to navigate stressful situations when they arise
  • feel like an empowered superlady ready to stop apologising for what she wants in work and life.

Once you hit purchase and complete your payment you’ll be sent an email with the link to all six modules and two pages of printable journal prompts. This is self-paced so work as quickly or as slowly as you need to so you can allow this deep wisdom and remembering to sink in.

Let’s make 2019 the year you break up with busy, for good.

AUD $29