What to do when you eat the whole cake

Combine being 8 months pregnant with moving house and financial uncertainty and you have one crazy, waddling, hormonal mess!

Now as I emerge from the cloud that has seen me get back into bed with some behaviours I thought I had long said goodbye to, I wanted to share with you a super important lesson I re-learned over the last couple of weeks.

In this video, I share the one simple thing that you can do when you realise you’re not behaving in a way that totally honours the woman you want to be. That’s right, I’m talking about what you do in that instant you find yourself whoofing down a second serve of Bolognese (me last week), exploding at your partner (also me last week) or getting stressed over something seemingly small (again… guilty).

This one simple tool will help not only help you move on from that moment of fear, insecurity, anxiety, whatever it is… it will put you on the super highway to achieving your wellbeing,lifestyle, financial or career goals. Fast.

Watch the video here

So what is the simple tool I’m talking about? Forgiveness and compassion! In that instant after you find yourself with your head in the ice cream tub, or you slept in again, or you got flustered at work, or you acted out of fear, or you spoke to someone a bit brisquely… stop! Stop before you start beating yourself up. Stop before the barrage of self criticism starts. Stop and forgive yourself. See your behaviour with compassion. Take some breaths. The sky will not fall down.

Why compassion?

Because¬†you didn’t do anything wrong. Because loving yourself conditionally just makes you feel shitty. Because beating yourself up activates the fight or flight response in the body – making you feel stressed, anxious and keeping you in fear (and probably sending you back to the behaviour you’re trying to avoid). Because honouring yourself and telling yourself you’re OK, you’re safe, you’re worthy, will give you the confidence to move FORWARD rather than looking backward. Because women that honour themselves and pick themselves up after they fall down move RAPIDLY toward things they want in life. And they do so with an inner knowing that they are good enough. Because if you can’t love yourself no matter what you do, how do you expect anyone else to?

We really can’t hate ourselves or shame ourselves into change. I reckon it’s high time to try an alternative. Can we love ourselves into changing instead?

On the back of my tumultuous last week, and knowing that it’s worked for me before, I’m sure going to give it a go! Here’s to eating more veggies and less toast this week. And loving myself all the way.

With love,

Meg xo

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