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6 July – 12 October 2019

△ Are you a socially conscious woman ready to take her wellness journey, to her wholeness journey and beyond?

△ Do you place a high value on social change, personal wellbeing + growth and/or conscious parenting?

△ would you love to learn a style of leadership where your needs can be met while also supporting others?

do you feel naturally inclined to lead others and want to use your gifts for good?

△ do you long for intimate, deep relationships with other women who share your values?

Yes? Hooray! It sounds like you are ready to claim the wholeness that is rightfully yours, and from that place birth your sacred, social leadership in the world.
I can feel that you are so ready to be part of this new paradigm of environmental stewardship, social change and wellbeing. 

From where I sit crafting this invitation to you, I want to say a wholehearted welcome. You have arrived in the perfect place, and I can’t wait to meet you.

I  invite you to be one of the first women in the sacred container that is Lead(Her), within the School for Sacred, Social Leaders.

You and me, we are going to co-create some magic.

This is a 16 week program that combines powerful inner healing and energy work with practical skills and masterclasses in social change, spiritual activism + feminine leadership.

Within this safe space, you will:

△ heal inner conflict, overcome feelings of unworthiness + claim your wholeness

△ liberate your expression + find your voice

download your sacred, social vision and work with seasons and cycles to start working toward it across all areas of life.

Sound good? Here’s more info. 

Over the 16 weeks, you will explore how to bring balance to your inner system, so you can affect social change on the outside.

△ Month 1: I am grounded – land in your body + ground your sacred, social vision.

△ Month 2: I am nourished – work with your inner cycles + plan how to activate your social vision across all areas of life

△ Month 3: I am worthy: claim your gifts and power + call in financial and other resources to support your vision

△ Month 4I am expressive: unleash your own truth + craft sacred messaging in support of your social vision.

Instead of seeing the work you do ‘out there’ as seperate from your inner work, you’ll cultivate an embodied understanding that you are the change you wish to see in the world. You will begin to find purpose in all you do and understand that your sacred social vision (which is unique to you) can be achieved through your micro-actions and energy as well as your big projects and steps.

Over the four months, you will transform you wellness journey, to your wholeness journey and use that as your platform for creating a more equitable, kind and sustainable future within your families, communities and workplaces.

“The world has fallen out of love with the systems that have built our current reality. We need a new type of leader. One who has embraced her whole self and who leads the way by understanding and sharing her vulnerabilities, building amazing relationships and fostering her own growth”.
– Meg Berryman

The training will be delivered over 16 weeks with one-one support, fortnightly group trainings and live Q&A sessions. You’ll receive:

△ 2 x 90 minute one-one sessions with me (including an Activate session) during the 16 weeks (or prior to the program starting)

△ 8 x 60 minute live group trainings (fortnightly) beginning July 6 (call times will be Saturday mornings at 8:00am AEST on July 6, July 20,
August 3, August 17, August 31, September 14, September 28, October 12).

△ 8 x live Q+A sessions (alternate weeks to training on a Sunday evening at 7:30pm AEST beginning July 14)

△ email support including additional resources, videos, meditations and journal prompts

△ access to a private Facebook group that for support + additional inspiration during and after the program

△  a hand-chosen book that relates to your own personal journey (posted to you in the mail old-school)

additional training video from guest mentors

△ access to the content including call recordings for 12 months

Weaving together my knowledge of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, social change, behaviour change, activism, feminine leadership, ritual, ceremony and circle, I am creating a sacred space unlike anything you’ve ever been in. A place where you will be uplifted, supported, heard, resourced and celebrated.

And here’s the most magic part of all..

You will be the founding members of a program that will go on to affect thousands of other change leaders in the world. You have an opportunity to co-create this container with me, to give feedback on what is useful and to share your wisdom with future graduates in a private initiates group.

You will leave the program feeling:

△  crystal clear on your sacred social vision and your role in it

△  in alignment with and using your unique gifts and experiences to affect change in your families, workplaces or community

△ deeply connected to your spiritual self with a toolkit of practices and rituals that work for you

△ fully expressed as a woman and using your feminine leadership to engage others 

△ with a greater sense of nourishment, wholeness and wellbeing than you’ve been able to embody previously.

△ on purpose and able to experience pleasure at the same time

△  resourced, supported and deeply connected to your peers

able to clearly communicate your truth with an open heart, but firm boundaries.

This program is for you if you are:

a womxn working in the social change space looking to amplify your impact or work more sustainably without burning out

△ a parent looking to create inter-generational change 

△ a fellow entrepreneur wanting to align your business with your social goals, reduce the harm done by replicating inequalities or find more purpose in what you do 

△  wanting to birth your own social enterprise, social project or not for profit consciously 

△ you just know in your bones it’s right for you.

Imagine how it would feel to go to bed every night knowing that your actions that day were aligned with your soul. Knowing that you had contributed. Knowing that that contribution had created fuel and wellbeing for you, AND for others. Knowing that you were, and always have been, enough.

I am calling in a maximum of 7 womxn to join this sacred, once in a lifetime experience.

The investment?

The live program in its entirety is worth well over $2500

But for this initial LIVE round, I am offering you the opportunity to be part of it for:

4 monthly payments of $275 (hit subscribe below to set up your payment plan) or

A once off payment of $1000 (click the PayPal link below to finalise your purchase)

Not sure if this program is for you? Got questions? Book a 15 minute call to chat and see if we are a good fit!

A scholarship of 50% is available for a womxn who may, due to exclusion, marginalisation or other circumstance, be unable to pay the full investment. To apply, send me an email – –  and let me know why you’d love to be involved and what the scholarship would enable you to do. Please note that this space is inclusive and encourages radical self responsibility and owernship of privilege among participants.  Sexism, racism or any other form of exclusion or marginalisation will not be tolerated.

Cancellation policy: A non-refundable deposit of $275 is required to secure your place. For monthly payment plans, should you withdraw before the start of the program, you will receive a refund of any payments minus the deposit. If you withdraw after the start of the program, your subscription will be ceased but no refunds will be offered of fees paid. For full payment, if you withdraw before the completion of the program, you will receive a refund of any fees paid minus the deposit. If you withdraw after the beginning of the program, you will receive a refund based on number of months left in the program. 

I would so love to welcome you to this activation – this sacred healing space and this heart-centred group of like minded women. 

Meg xo



A once off session designed to help you get clear on the contribution you were born to make + remove the barriers in the way. 

Do you ever find yourself feeling like you were born to do more than just survive?

Do you sometimes look around at your life and think – is this all there is?

Were you a young girl who wanted to change the world, until you gave up because it all felt too hard?

Do you struggle to find purpose in the day to day, including in your parenting journey?

I totally get it, because all these things have applied to me at some time in my life.

I remember sitting in my living room about five years ago asking one of my close friends… ‘why do I have such a burning desire to change the world… and how can I do it without burning out?’

That feeling – that feeling that you’re here to contribute to something greater? I want you know that’s real. That matters. That’s important.

It doesn’t mean you have to abandon yourself. To give tirelessly. To ‘fix’ others or to work in a charity or volunteering in an overseas country.

In this game-changing session, I will guide you to:

△ help you remember the change you want to see in the world and get crystal clear about your role in it

△ awaken your soul gifts that make you perfect for the job

△ get clear on your purpose, and help you find more purpose in the every day

△ explore one limiting belief that is preventing you from realising your potential as a sacred, social leader

△ work with your own personalised resources and practices to help keep you in sacred, social action.

You will receive:

△ an 120 minute, in person or Skype session which will include guided visualisations, personalised rituals, embodiment work (if in person) and coaching

△ A pre- session questionnaire

A post-session resource and ritual guide designed just for you to help you continue awakening your sacred, social leadership without burning out.

I want you to know I believe in you. I believe you are a world-changer and I want to help show you a way to remember it 
every single day. I can look at you and see what you are here to do. And I can help you remove the barriers to you seeing it too.  

The world needs you to awaken this leadership. We are done with the paradigm of consuming and self interest. We need leaders like you to help us all fall back in love with being kind, humane, connected and sustainable. 

The world needs you to discover what sacred, social leadership is so that you can impact those closest to you in positive ways. The more you stand in this power, the more they are invited to do so too.

This session is perfect for you if:

△ you’re a mama that sees conscious parenting as a way of creating inter-generational social change or;

△ you’re a woman already working in the social space and want to figure out how to communicate more clearly, magnify your impact or introduce organisational change within the sector based on personal development principles or;

△ you’re a woman feeling called to birth her own social movement, project or enterprise, or a woman operating a business that is looking to make it more socially conscious or;

△ you’re a conscious human thinking about the big issues in the world wondering where the f*** to start ..

You’ll finish the session feeling:

△ crystal clear in your role in the area of social change you care most about.

△  a strong sense of how your story and experiences have made you perfect for this job

△ inspired and resourced to make small, purposeful changes in your inner world + outer world

△ energised, and cleared of the need to self sacrifice or ‘fix’ others

△ with an embodied sense of worthiness, value and gratitude.

Investment: AUD 350
To book  click the Paypal link below. You’ll then be sent a link to my calendar to book a time and the link for the questionnaire. 

* In person sessions will be held in Harcourt, Central Victoria.


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